Vid.One FAQs

Frequently  Asked  Questions

How much are videos?

Vid.One charges once for a video.  We will be testing different prices for different templates, but we're targeting a per-video rate of $7.50 (seven dollars and fifty cents, US) on average.  While you have to sign in to render or save a video, it's NOT a subscription - we say "pay once, play forever."  Other, slower online video-creation services are (a) more expensive and (b) subscription based. Vid.One is simpler, faster and substantially less expensive. 

What do I get?

We deliver these assets and services for each video.

  • Downloads:  HD video file; SD video file; animated GIF; animated GIF 'teaser' (first few seconds, for email thumbnail use); thumbnail stills
  • Posting tools:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer
  • Email/CRM Integrations:  direct integration to MailChimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, BombBomb.  Copy-and-paste merge tags for about 15 other platforms.
  • Hosting.  3 separate web pages are provided for each video:

Do I own the video?

You have a perpetual license to use the video.  You don't "own" it, any more than you'd "own" the song "Yesterday" because you bought a Beatles CD.   See for agreement language.


Can I share these on social media?

Absolutely. You can use the public page URLs for videos or GIFs, or you can download the files and re-upload them to social media networks.  

Do you provide technical support?

We will attempt to answer questions submitted via web chat, or via email to help[at]vid dot one.  In order to keep video prices low, however, there is no formal commitment to technical support.  

Are videos English-only?

No!  We provide video template search in 22 different languages.  Video written copy can be in any language; we provide full Unicode support for handling copy. 

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