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Create Nonprofit Marketing Videos in Minutes with These 13 Free Templates

Did you know that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it? While your nonprofit may not be a “product,” the sentiment definitely still applies. Try one of these awesome templates!
06/27/17   Tags: nonprofit    non-profit    templates   

Non-Profit Marketing Success

Video marketing isn’t just for for-profit companies. In fact, we think nonprofits are even better positioned to use video marketing than for-profit organizations. Video tells a story. Make yours - free!
06/21/17   Tags: non-profit    marketing    video    sharing   

Church Marketing Templates

At Vid.One, we believe churches shouldn’t have to miss out on the power of video. We’ve created a platform that makes video marketing incredibly easy and accessible, so you can still amplify your message without sacrificing other church resources.
06/19/17   Tags: church    outreach    mission   

Church Video Marketing

Are you looking for a better way to engage your congregation, inspire your community to attend a service, or increase participation in church activities and fundraisers? A video marketing strategy could be what you need. More...
06/13/17   Tags: church    marketing    templates   

20 Free Sports Video Templates You Can Customize in Minutes

Video is the perfect way to bring the energy of sports - whether soccer, football, swimming, or running - to life. Vid.One has thousands of free, fully-customizable video templates, including hundreds of sports-related themes. We gathered 20 of our
06/02/17   Tags: sports    customization    tutorial    football    yoga    soccer    baseball    basketball    golf    tennis    kayaking    sailing    running    cycling    swimming    hiking   

Template Numbers

Today we added visible template numbers to the main 'browse' interface on Vid.One. At 'thousands', expecting people to describe something they saw is dumb.
05/25/17   Tags: interface    improvements   

No, You Can’t Send Video That Plays In Email expert had the same fuzzy notion I’ve heard before about video within email. “Oh, HTML5 is going to fix that.” Nope. It's not.
05/23/17   Tags: email    video   

Why Vid.One?

Today, Gates would probably say, “video is king.” We launched to simplify the process, to make custom video content much more affordable, and to help your organization harness the power of video to stand out in a sea of text.
04/25/17   Tags: video   

300% Improved Clickthrough

'Using a video in an email increases the email click-through rate by 200-300%.'. 'Using a video in an email increases the email click-through rate by 200-300%.' What's not to love about that...
01/31/17   Tags: Email    Video    Content    HubSpot   

Constant Contact

To grow business in the attention economy, you need to be in constant contact (and use video). We can help; so can they!
01/31/17   Tags: Constant Contact    email    integrations   

MailChimp Official!

MailChimp has added Vid.One to their official Integrations Directory. We're breaking open the banana shakes, this is pretty exciting.
01/31/17   Tags: MailChimp    Video    Integrations   

Facebook Ads followup

Facebook advertising update - Results are greater than Reach for this video ad. :-)
01/30/17   Tags: Facebook    video    ads   

Models, Marks, Designs...

Video is kind of the 'everything container' of the digital world - pictures, sound, music, still images, it all fits in a video. If you're using a video - especially if you're using it for business purposes - it behooves you to make sure that your u
01/27/17   Tags: Rights    Legal    Licensing    Video   

Sports Templates!

We are delighted to make nearly a hundred new sports-related video templates available on Vid.One. Skiing. Kayaking. Running, Parasailing. Maybe even a pool table...
01/27/17   Tags: templates    sports    footage   

Mailshake Merge Tags

Email followup is one of those tasks that crawls to the bottom of my to-do list in the course of the day. ('Geez, I hate to bug people.') Looks like Mailshake has automated the pain-points.
01/23/17   Tags: Mailshake    email    followup   

GIF Teasers - 50% Better!

Vid.One now provides an animated GIF 'teaser' thumbnail for each video. Check out the design & the reasoning behind this addition.
01/23/17   Tags: GIF    thumbnail    teaser    email   

Video Marketing?

Video can improve results across all online marketing channels. The key word there is ‘can’ - despite the hype, a video isn’t a magic brain magnet. Some advice...
01/20/17   Tags: Marketing    video    advice   

Campaign Monitor Integration

Agencies - want to blow your customers away? Create a video and pop it right into their Campaign Monitor account with our seamless integration!
01/18/17   Tags: Campaign Monitor    email    integration   

Tweet Videos

Tweet videos instantly. Vid.One provides full support for Twitter Cards, so your video plays within Twitter.
01/16/17   Tags: Twitter    tweet    video    integration   

MailChimp Swings With Vid.One

We're delighted to launch integration of Vid.One to MailChimp. Now you can create a video in a few seconds, and get ready-to-use MailChimp templates, right in your account, instantly.
01/16/17   Tags: MailChimp    email    integration   

Facebook Video & GIF Sharing

Share HD video or animated GIF on Facebook - just click the Share button of your choice. (Don't upload the GIF - it won't play.)
01/16/17   Tags: Facebook    GIF    integration