About Vid.One

About Vid.One

Vid.One gives everyone the ability to create and use video for marketing, quickly and easily. You control text, typography and images; we provide templates and the end-to-end technical platforms for delivery. Limited-time hosting is included; customers can extend hosting. To keep prices insanely low, the direct pay-for-a-video service is self-serve, and does not include technical support. 

Creative studios - we're looking for content! If you're looking for revenue, tell us about yourself and we'll get in touch. 

The Vid.One platform is designed for integration into other platforms. Businesses providing email, social-media, marketing and other services should give us a call to discuss APIs and partnering opportunities. 

Vid.One is a service of Say It Visually, Inc.

The company was one of the earliest studios creating online video to clarify complex subjects - what are now called "explainer videos." Over a five year period, we explained a vast range of complex subjects, mainly for large corporations and well-funded startups. Over the past several years, the company has focused on enabling more people to utilize the communicative power of video.

Say It Visually also provides Fast Forward Stories, delivering licensed and branded explainer videos to industry verticals including mortgage, real estate, title, insurance, healthcare and more.

Say It Visually is based in beautiful Bellingham WA. Please contact us by telephone during Pacific business hours at 888-618-9088. 

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