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Video can be complicated! We've tried to make it easy, but naturally people have questions...

How do I make my first video?

We’re so glad you asked! Getting started on Vid.One is super easy. In fact, we even made a video about it. Click here to watch our demo, and if you need a bit more help, give us a shout in our chat box. You’ll hear from a real human and not a robot.

How much does Vid.One cost?

We’re the most affordable custom video marketing tool out there. You can check out our pricing right HERE.

Are there recurring costs?

Nope! No monthly fee, no subscription, no sneaky auto-pay.

Do I own the video after I create it?

You get a perpetual license that allows you to use it online - whenever, wherever, forever. Vid.One owns the template, and other companies/artists may own components like music and footage. For more on this, check out our terms.

Can I save a video & finish it later?

Absolutely! In fact, any video that you start & preview (at least once) is automatically saved.  Log in to Vid.One.  Click your name (top-right) to see both saved/unpublished videos, and all the videos you've published.

Can I sell my video after I create it?

The short answer is Yes - once! Video sales are subject to some restrictions, outlined in our terms HERE.

Can I use my finished video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other marketing outlets?

Absolutely! Sharing is the best way to make sure people see your beautiful custom video. We’ve outlined all of our easy sharing integrations right HERE.

Can I modify a video after it's done?

No, but you can ‘clone’ an exact copy and make edits to that. Your original video never gets lost, and you can make as many variations as you need.

Can I upload my own videos?

Not currently, but we’re definitely looking into it!

Can I upload my own soundtrack or voiceover?

No. We’re a small team and don’t have the resources to check for and block unlicensed music.

Can I change the music on my video?

You can’t change the music directly within Vid.One, but you can use a separate video editor to replace the soundtrack after you’ve downloaded your finished video.

Can I upload my own pictures, graphics or logos to use in a video?

Absolutely! We love seeing Vid.One creators fully customize their videos with branded assets. Keep in mind that you are responsible for securing image rights, including model releases, trademark releases and design releases.

How do I change the text color on my video copy?

Changing colors is super easy with our text editor. Just select the text block and click the color control. Pick the color  and opacity right in our color wheel, or paste in your brand’s specific RGB / RGBA color codes.

How can I remove drop shadows?

Select the text block or graphic, click the Shadow Size control, and set the size to zero. Ta-da! No more drop shadow.

Can I use Vid.One on a smartphone?

Yes, although our new editor has not been fully adapted for small screens yet. It's best on computer or tablet.

Do I need any special software to use Vid.One?

Nope! All you need is a web browser that supports HTML5 and Javascript.  Uncle Fred’s Windows 3.0 computer may not cut it; see HERE to check your device & browser.

Can I include my finished videos in an email?

Heck yes! Support for MANY different email platforms is built in, including desktop email, Gmail, MailChimp, Constant Contact and about 20 other email/CRM systems. You can check out the full list of email integrations right HERE.

Can I use my Vid.One videos on my website?

We’d love for you to do that! Each video created includes 30 days of free video hosting. Hosting can be extended for a modest cost, or the video can be downloaded/uploaded to another video host of your choice.

I have customers around the world. Can I write my Vid.One text in another language besides English?

Yes! Vid.One provides template search in 22 languages, and video copy can be written in any language, with full Unicode support in all 100+ fonts.

Can I download my final video?

Yes! You can download finished videos, thumbnails, and animated GIFs. All of our paid templates include full HD video files.

Ok, so how exactly do I download?

Each video has a 'share' page - https://app.vid.one/share/videoID. Click the download buttons and follow the simple instructions from there

.What payment services do you support?

We accept all major credit cards.

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! Payments are processed directly by Stripe which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfer are secured and encrypted.

Can I get a refund?

Send the video ID and payment transaction ID to help[at]vid.one, with a description of what's wrong with the final video.

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